Tired of all the corporate news anti-Bernie propaganda? So are we.

Limericks for poetic justice will appear here.

Erin asked about town halls for all

Why just Joe basks in free tv gall? -

“Bernie, look, single-payer

I just lie, record-player

Medicare’s what we have to forestall”

Donald Trump had denied quid pro quo

And Joe Biden said I didn’t know -

Hunter worked in Ukraine?

It’s because of my brain:

That’s why Bloomberg is raring to go

‪’Red October’ raps Uncle Joe Biden:

“Fall polls leavin’ me slippin’ and slidin’

Used to lack, super pac

‘Bama’s black, but my sac’s

Bouncing back at a crack that’ll widen”

‪The best moments by several miles - ‬

‪Warren peace? Tulsi: Erin reviles‬.

‪No ifs ands or buts‬

‪Do the Dems have the guts‬

‪To demand no more Biden’s fake smiles?

Bernie Sanders is good friends with Liz

And Joe Biden’s a good friend of his

But when asked about health care

Joe responds with a death stare

And Liz fizz goes flat with a tiz

(Looked for the raw footage of Elizabeth Warren embedded in the Jimmy Dore segment above but could not find it anywhere. Glossary: ‘tiz’: an expression of annoyance or obfuscation.)

A brave Viking princess called Greta

Thought when hiking, the Earth must get betta

She sailed the Atlantic,

Railed at Trump Svenska-frantic,

For his like - EPA aren’t upsetta

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

Questions corporate whores like a trooper

But when faced with our Bernie

He needs an attorney -

Chris Cuomo claims Cooper is super!

(Look at the hand over every day between Cooper and Cuomo.)

Pseudo-journalist Erin Burnett

Had some topless guests on for a bet

People said: “that’s a stunt -

Best guests’ chests are OutFront

With the rest of them unseen, as yet

(The patriarchal corporate media tends to employ mainly ‘attractive’ female reporters/panelists for ratings and to distract attention away from what they are reporting.)

Ground control, aka DNC:

“Take your protein pills, put in your teeth”

Major Joe said: “what OF them?

Houston’s much bigger problem -

I said Bernie is Prez on TV”

When we’re faced with a corporate whore

Who’s in bed with big pharma and more

We say “fuck CNN -

News might come back again,

But right now we prefer Jimmy Dore

There once was an MSM hack

Whose ‘reports’ wagged the dog for Iraq

Donahue said to Billy -

“You’re ever so silly”

Who retorted: “do you want a smack?”

(Glossary: ‘wag the dog’ - media manipulating public opinion, creating consent for war. Phil Donahue, a great journalist and man of enormous courage was sacked for criticizing the war with Iraq.)

Bernie Sanders has got a big heart

Which the media can’t tear apart

As Iraqis attest:

Minor cardiac arrest

Is a news story? Where do I start?