Tired of all the corporate news anti-Bernie propaganda? So are we.

Limericks for poetic justice will appear here.

Victor coverage as Iowans *talk us*

Would spawn media memes seeming raucous:

After Super Bowl Sunday

It dawned that on Monday

Tom Perez hoped we’d yawn and not caucus

(Why is the Iowa Caucus being held on Monday - the day after the Super Bowl? Seems like a sneaky attempt at VOTER/CAUCUS SUPPRESSION.)

A medic who calls herself Gabbard

Held a sword up on high from her scabbard

With that streak in her hair

She would boldly declare

That she voted for Trump’s defense budget last year, voted for fracking and fossil fuel and is pro private health insurance for duplicative care whilst the main stream media blabbered

(The following video is factually incorrect re Tulsi’s vote re Trump’s defense budget for 2018. Tulsi supporters claim that she has never voted for any of Trump’s defense budgets - she has, as well as two of Obama’s. https://medium.com/@brandondegraff/tulsi-gabbard-voted-for-trumps-military-budget-increase-last-year-651bbf084048)

In the week just before the debate

Michael Bloomberg announced (?) kinda late

Bernie waiting one news day

Said: “see you next Tuesday -

Can we beat billionaires? Yeah, damn straight!”

Erin asked about town halls for all

Why just Joe basks in free tv gall? -

“Bernie, look, single-payer

I just lie, record-player

Medicare’s what we have to forestall”

Donald Trump had denied quid pro quo

And Joe Biden said I didn’t know -

Hunter worked in Ukraine?

It’s because of my brain:

That’s why Bloomberg is raring to go

‪’Red October’ raps Uncle Joe Biden:

“Fall polls leavin’ me slippin’ and slidin’

Used to lack, super pac

‘Bama’s black, but my sac’s

Bouncing back at a crack that’ll widen”

‪The best moments by several miles - ‬

‪Warren peace? Tulsi: Erin reviles‬.

‪No ifs ands or buts‬

‪Do the Dems have the guts‬

‪To demand no more Biden’s fake smiles?

Bernie Sanders is good friends with Liz

And Joe Biden’s a good friend of his

But when asked about health care

Joe responds with a death stare

And Liz fizz goes flat with a tiz

(Looked for the raw footage of Elizabeth Warren embedded in the Jimmy Dore segment above but could not find it anywhere. Glossary: ‘tiz’: an expression of annoyance or obfuscation.)

A brave Viking princess called Greta

Thought when hiking, the Earth must get betta

She sailed the Atlantic,

Railed at Trump Svenska-frantic,

For his like - EPA aren’t upsetta

CNN anchor Anderson Cooper

Questions corporate whores like a trooper

But when faced with our Bernie

He needs an attorney -

Chris Cuomo claims Cooper is super!

(Look at the hand over every day between Cooper and Cuomo.)

Pseudo-journalist Erin Burnett

Had some topless guests on for a bet

People said: “that’s a stunt -

Best guests’ chests are OutFront

With the rest of them unseen, as yet

(The patriarchal corporate media tends to employ mainly ‘attractive’ female reporters/panelists for ratings and to distract attention away from what they are reporting.)

Ground control, aka DNC:

“Take your protein pills, put in your teeth”

Major Joe said: “what OF them?

Houston’s much bigger problem -

I said Bernie is Prez on TV”

When we’re faced with a corporate whore

Who’s in bed with big pharma and more

We say “fuck CNN -

News might come back again,

But right now we prefer Jimmy Dore

(at least when he’s not doing stuff like acting like Tulsi Gabbard is progressive or further left than Bernie).

There once was an MSM hack

Whose ‘reports’ wagged the dog for Iraq

Donahue said to Billy -

“You’re ever so silly”

Who retorted: “do you want a smack?”

(Glossary: ‘wag the dog’ - media manipulating public opinion, creating consent for war. Phil Donahue, a great journalist and man of enormous courage was sacked for criticizing the war with Iraq.)

Bernie Sanders has got a big heart

Which the media can’t tear apart

As Iraqis attest:

Minor cardiac arrest

Is a news story? Where do I start?