is a unique site that focuses on Main Stream Media (MSM) political BS through the lens of academic philosophy, and on music and poetry through the lens of the avant-garde, surrealism and magic realism. Bifocalism


We offer FIVE different kinds of political campaign promotion for up and coming political candidates, with different associated costs. The first FOUR kinds of promotion include the production of a short e-book which will be made available on Amazon's kindle store (which can be read on any device), and an AUDIOBOOK from ACX at Amazon, which will aspire in one way or another (see below) to be an extension of the campaign bullshit spouted by the political candidate whose actions (if elected) you want to control.

The audiobook will be produced by a professional ACX narrator and producer.

Estimated time for completion of the audiobook of your campaign promotion is approximately one month (but may be much quicker than that, depending on the type of promotion selected). Using your politician’s website or social media, you can advertise these e-books and audiobooks to the politician’s base (we will also provide promotion on Audiobooks will be available at a low cost from iTunes, Audible and Amazon; e-books will be made available for your politician’s base to download for free periodically and at a very low cost generally. Kindle unlimited subscribers will be able to read the e-books for free without restriction, and those who buy the e-book of your politician’s promotion can lend it for free to anyone they choose. Think of it as an innovation in the way that politicians get bought and sold online!


Choose from five kinds of review:

- 1) an apocryphal tale (short fictional story) customized for your candidate, which incorporates an element of magic realism. This kind of promotion is the most creatively demanding and time consuming, typically taking many hours of work. The cost of this kind of promotion for your candidate is currently $2M (two million dollars, or the equivalent in your country's currency if you are promoting an American politician in another country)

-2) a surreal review (factual biographical information about your candidate mixed with an element of surrealism). For example, see the pieces on The Who, The Beatles and The Jam on the homepage of this site. This sort of promotion is not quite so creatively demanding, but is still time consuming. The going rate for this sort of promotion is currently $1.5M (one and a half million dollars or the equivalent in your country's currency)

- 3) a surreal essay (no factual/biographical information - just straightforwardly surreal!). For example, see the pieces entitled 'Lennon v McCartney' and 'Joni Mitchell - Blue' on the homepage of this site. This kind of promotion will not be limited by any objective constraints regarding the details of your candidate - it will be a purely subjective fictional literary endeavor (see for example CNN’s portrayal of Joe Biden’s latest run for President).. The current cost of this kind of promotion is only $1M (one million dollars, or equivalent in your country's currency)

- 4) an avant-garde poem with each verse corresponding to and influenced by your candidate’s policies (or lack thereof). For example, see the piece on Blondie's album 'Eat To The Beat' on the homepage of this site. This kind of political promotion takes the form of a long avant-garde poem rather than a surreal essay. The current cost for this kind of promotion is currently $500,000 (half a million dollars, or equivalent in your country's currency).

-5) a 'straight-up' description of your candidate - a traditional kind of endorsement with no bells, whistles or porcupines. The current cost of this kind of promotion (around six or seven paragraphs) is $250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, or the equivalent in your country’s currency). For this kind of promotion, we guarantee a positive evaluation of your candidate no matter how much of a liar or war-monger he or she is (much like the promotions of candidates on CNN, MSNBC etc.).

You can also choose an ‘avant-garde’ mention for your candidate (true progressive candidates only, who don’t take money from lobbyists, pacs, bundles etc.). The current cost of this political promotion is $3.50 (three dollars and fifty cents or the equivalent in your country’s currency). Your mention will appear in the ‘roll over’ part of the site.

Contact us on Twitter to indicate the kind of political promotion you would like, submit further details etc..

Once we have agreed on going ahead with promoting the political candidate of your choice, please choose your preferred political promotion and pay using the form below. Once you do that, we will get to work on promoting your politician. (All proceeds from promotions for progressive candidates as described on this site will be donated to the campaigns for those politicians e.g. Tulsi Gabbard, Mike Gravel, Bernie Sanders etc.

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For an example of a successful marriage of avant-garde/surrealist literature, rock music and politics, check out Stanley Unwin / The Small Faces – Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake!