First of all, the lesser of two evils idea foisted upon us relentlessly in 2016 and now again in 2020 is a well known argument of dubious persuasiveness in Philosophy, yet no one in the mainstream media will acknowledge this fact. They claim to care about truth and facts, yet no-one on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News has ever mentioned this idea well-known at the undergraduate level of Philosophy. Neither Biden nor Trump are demanding that the government should do anything remotely significant to help you during the Coronavirus. Biden demands free tests but has disingenuously claimed that Medicare for all would not have prevented the virus. This is a non-sequitur since no-one is claiming that it would have prevented it. What e.g. a Canadian style health care system would yield is a situation in which no one goes bankrupt because of health insurance debt. Neither Biden nor Trump are suggesting that Americans should get $2000 per month for the duration of the coronavirus crisis, unlike the actual current situation in Canada. Biden and Trump both work for their corporate donors. What explains the massive difference between the Canadian and American response to the coronavirus? One possibility is that Canada is part of the British commonwealth of countries. Britain prides itself on their National Health service, as recently evidenced by Paul McCartney’s and Emma Thompson’s etc. ‘love letters’ to the NHS of the U. K. The NHS came into existence after World War Two. In America around the same time, FDR’s ‘new deal’ got the country back on its feet. Not only is Canada a country that provides free health care, the Canadian government is providing an adequate income for its people during the entire duration of the virus. Why hasn’t America got a free health care service? Why isn’t the American government providing reasonably adequate financial help to people during this crisis? Trump in daily briefings has explicitly argued against helping people - first by denying the seriousness of the virus, then by claiming that the responsibility to help people lies with individual states (and their governors who he has political influence over). Biden through his silence on this issue as the presumptive Democratic Party nominee has implicitly sanctioned the deaths of thousands of Americans. This is viewed as a consequence of possible dementia by independent media and is just ignored by mainstream media. What would it take for the American government to help its citizens, as is the case in other countries (e.g. Canada)? Trump and Biden are the embodiment of class warfare against working people in America, except that if anything, Biden is worse than Trump. He is less honest about class warfare in America than Trump, who at least is honest in his racism. Biden is dishonest even about that, who originally announced that the most recent of his three campaigns for the presidency was a reaction to Trump’s racism about Charlottesville. The corporate political duopoly which has been in place for decades will never change, unless you vote third party. Certainly, don’t vote for either of these two degenerates.