Lennon and McCartney




Happiness is a warm gun / Maxwell’s silver hammer


Papier-mâché mountains, like atomic dreams, are always reasonably euphoric. Sonic sounds are nothing like that, of course, except in possible songs. Melting the silence, their euphonic cones are noticeably inconspicuous. In fact, many rivers are cross because of songs that contain no bridge, but felicitously this is rarely the case with the dolorous mainstream million-dollar song. For example, we can rebuild the dolorous songs of gold; make them better than before.


Remember to let them into your art. When possible songs seem stronger, faster, then you can start to make them better. Dreams are only possible golden song-scenes, floating on the sea of brainwaves.


If I fell / Get Back


It is possible to feel, and by feeling feel free, feeling up or falling down. A song is an example of a feeling, befalling those who can feel, or be patted up or down in pataphysical bodies. Happiness is not a possible feeling: those for whom happiness is befallen are called to actual action. Aristotle said that happiness is an activity of the soul, a hammer and a nail, in accordance with Maxwell. Happy hammers are not golden hammers, for example. Nonetheless, it is possible that they might have been gold, or silver, in a dream, or song. Of possible songs, some seem to be golden: slumbers of John and Paul befall the pool of awakened songwriters, with colours of the rainbowed brainwaves.


You can’t do that / I will


Flying carpets slowly slide through the songs of the mind’s eye - in one ear-dream and out the other. Nevermind the mind – ingest, in jest. Songs seem like tiny tin pots, illuminated by moonlight, in contrast. John’s reveries were few and far between the moons of Jupiter – who brings joy? It is possible that the brain is connected to each star of the firmament, each universal filament a flower, planted from a bulb. Reveries of John are now light bulbs away, but it is possible that the brain may still connect to each one, wrapped in the seemings of a moon-flower. Moon capsules are encapsulated for all to see, even on the dark side. This is just an example.


Run for your life / I saw her standing there


In between the possibility of song and the unseemly reality of dreams, seeming to run is to stand still, or is not, depending on whether one’s noted feet are fleet, flat or sharp. John is asleep in the sun, where seeming to be real befalls those who write songs in the rain. Real rain is not possible in ordinary dreams, except of course in the universal dream. The universal dream has both a dark side and another side, which is a possibly non-dark side. On the dark side of the universal dream, there is much real rain, and much non-real rain. On John’s side, the real rain is dark, but it is real dark. On Paul’s side, the universal dream has rain that forms a clear reflecting pool. A clear reflecting pool is possible for Paul – a possible refrain.


Revolution / Let it be


The brain contains each slight refrain, each song of love seems to feel like strawberries and cream. The tins of strawberry dreams at the mall are all illuminated by Paul people. They are the possible seemings of songs, all the lonely steeples, only sleeping. Dark dreams reflect the dark possibilities that may befall the fallen. This is how things seem: such a slight inkling may still be writ large on the new day. Turning, revolving, from darkness to non-darkness, the pool is still. The seemings of perpetual revolution are just the seemings of transient non-revolution. This is just an example. An example is possible, in a dream. In sleep, dreams seem real, they feel like desert rain.


Rain / I’ll follow the sun


Desert rain is just an example. Possible dreams are themselves illuminated by desert sun, touching the sea of brain-waves. If dreams seem real, it is possible that the seemings of dreams are seamlessly integrated with all of the songs of the sun. Each drop of acid rain that befalls the dreamer, recalls a sun-beam dream - a possible dream: the dream of the sunburst Beamer. Beaming with pride, an inner light befalls the self-illuminating dreamer. The mirage of the mirror is impossible, in any dream. Ordinary rain is like desert rain, except that ordinary places are where rainfall is befallen. Occasionally, ordinary dreams reproduce the imaginary lives of extraordinary strawberries. Possible dream-puddles seem hypothetically descriptionless.


Across the universe / Penny Lane


The sea of brain-waves is a possible sea. Each ripple is a thought, and each drop of acid rain which befalls the sea is an idea for a song. It is possible that the sea of brain-waves is itself a dream, but even so, the dream must have a dreamer. It is possible to dream about a universal dreamer, but not to have a universal dream. I would never dream of it.  The seemings of the rainbow lie outside the dream, supervening on what lies within. Rainbows are possible, they are the seemings of ancient chariots, the chariots that once were, are no more, yet still exist. Existence is the possibility of being, actualized by a dreamer. This is just an example.


And your bird can sing (out-take) / Blackbird


The universal dream seems real, but only in dreams. The idea of a dream is like a rainbow on the sea of brain-waves. Each dream is a distortion of the sea. Some dreamers are brain-washed-up on a distant shore. The theory of the universal dream is an example. To describe the theory, one must dream of speech, or at least words, sentences, symbols. A symbol is an example, and an object, which stands in relation to a dream. The song of the blackbird is not an example; it is independent of the sea of brainwaves. Blackbirds and bluebirds fly over the rainbow that supervenes on the sea of brainwaves. Why can’t I? I can, when I dream of the blackbird’s blue dream.


Tomorrow never knows / Yesterday


The idea of a song, like the idea of a dream or the idea of an idea, is like a rainbow that supervenes on the sea of brainwaves. The ideal dream song itself is like the sun. Beamers burst through the cloudy sub-conscious, refracting off the acid rain which befalls the sea. Beneath the cloudy sea, many dream-like submarines are possible. Just before a new dream, one must dive into the depths of the sub-conscious. Possible dreams await some strange situation; those that subside or submerge still subsist. Future dreams are particularly jubilant – that’s because they have not yet been particularly juggernauted – dark dreams have not yet been touched by summer supernovae.


Sexy Sadie / Eleanor Rigby


On a summer’s day, strawberry ice-cream takes precedence over the blackbird’s blue dream. As the unseemly blackbird dreamily flies to remote beaches, the sea of brainwaves laps against a salivating shore. This is just an example. The seemings of the strawberry ice-cream shore are perty, as long as there is no acid rain on the hollow horizon, to melt them. Every movable moment is like a possible dream – gold, silver and bronze duality is the converse of  bass / treble, anonymously exteriorized by tingling clocks. Clock-crows are possible in the morning, after several liqiud-bronze dreams. Depth is a constantly longing possibility, but only for the seemly.


Track listing for Lennon v McCartney


1. Happiness Is A Warm Gun / Maxwell’s Silver Hammer

2. If I Fell / Get Back

3. You Can’t Do That / I Will

4. Run For Your Life / I Saw Her Standing There

5. Revolution / Let It Be

6. Rain / I’ll Follow The Sun

7. Across The Universe / Penny Lane

8. And Your Bird Can Sing (Out-Take) / Blackbird

9. Tomorrow Never Knows / Yesterday

10. Sexy Sadie / Eleanor Rigby