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Erin Burnett - CNN propagandist
Tuesday June 18 2019

On Outfront with Erin Burnett, Erin did an interview with Bernie Sanders. The context was that Bernie was going to reply to Trump’s official launch of his re-election campaign in Florida later that evening.

Erin asked what Bernie was going to say in response to Trump’s rally (before Bernie had heard Trump’s speech). Bernie made some tongue in cheek speculative predictions that Trump would probably not talk about having wanted to throw 30 million people off their existing health insurance with no alternative plan for them, or the tax breaks he gave to billionaires etc.

Erin asked about Bernie’s view on recent attacks on commercial oil tankers in the gulf of Oman which the CIA allege are likely Iranian in origin. Bernie responded that the attacks should be investigated, but reminded viewers that the American government lied to its citizens about the pretext for the war in Vietnam and the Iraq war (also indicating that according to the constitution only congress has the power to declare war, not any president).

Erin responded by comparing the CIA’s findings about Jamal Khashoggi (the U.S. permanent resident 8and Washington Post journalist from Saudi) with the CIA’s findings about the attack on the oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman. Bernie had been supportive of the idea that Khashoggi had indeed been murdered in the Saudi embassy in Turkey at the behest of the Saudi Crown Prince but seemed skeptical of the idea that Iran was behind the oil tanker attack - the implication was that Bernie was being inconsistent.

Of course, Bernie has been critical of the U.S.A.’s military support of Saudi Arabia’s war on Houthi rebels in Yemen (who are allegedly backed by Iran). Such U.S. backed Saudi attacks on Yemen have no doubt caused one of the most serious humanitarian crises of all time. One can understand how Erin as a servant of the corporate MSM would want to undermine the viewers’ perception of Bernie as probably the most authentic Democratic Party candidate for the nomination. Her subliminal implication to the viewer is that Bernie supports Iran but is critical of Saudi Arabia, contrary to the current media driven narrative that is gearing up for possible war against Iran.

Ironically, Bernie has consistently pointed out that the CIA were instrumental in overthrowing democratically elected leader Moussadeq in Iran in the 1950s, leading to the current theocracy there spawning instability in the region. Bernie is no defender of current Iran - he regards it as a theocratic regime, much like Saudi Arabia. Bernie is against regime change wars - as Tulsi Gabbard also stresses, such wars have unexpected consequences.

Erin’s allegation of inconsistency was rightly ignored by Bernie as it is perfectly possible for the CIA to be truthful in one context and untruthful in another. The CIA trained Osama Bin Ladin in Afghanistan for example but we don’t often hear Erin talk about that truth.

Later, Erin suggested that some of Bernie’s support was being siphoned away by Elizabeth Warren according to some polls. Bernie’s sublime reply was:

“Erin, you sound like someone in the media.”

As Bernie knows, the corporate main stream media exist to make a profit, not to provide objective journalism. They have ties with Wall Street, big pharma, private health insurance, military industrial complex etc.

Bernie’s reply was that there is a long way to go in this election cycle - polling (even if it is done properly and portrayed by the corporate media in proper context) is just a snap shot of people’s views now. The media should focus on issues that matter to working people, not on cherry-picking the poll which favors their preferred candidate(s) - i.e. virtually anyone but Bernie.