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Joe’s attitude to Bernie’s aspirational approach in 2016

He Can’t Be Our President - where was $15 in South Bend?

Bernie’s 2020 Diary


Dear Diary,

Sorry I haven’t written anything this month. Getting ready for the Iowa caucuses and early states. Same old corporate main stream media propaganda basically. I remember the time last year when I told Erin Burnett OutFront: ‘Erin, you sound like someone in the media’! That was good. She used to work for Goldman Sachs / Wall Street, just like Hillary and Obama. I worked my socks off to help Hillary beat Trump after she cheated me of the nomination and now she is claiming that I didn’t do enough to unite the party as if I’m why she lost to Trump? Even Mike Bloomberg claimed that if I’d got the nomination in 2016 I’d have beaten Trump easily (though I challenge anyone now to try to find that footage on YouTube). Anyway, don’t get me started.

B good.


Dear Diary,

Did Pelosi time the impeachment hearings/votes to coincide with the build up to the Iowa caucuses? I’m glad to do my constitutional duty, though I wish I didn’t have to stop canvassing in Iowa. Glad that Alexandria and Rashida and Ilhan etc, we’re supporting me when I couldn’t be there. Disappointed to see that the weekend before the caucuses on Monday, for the first time in its history the Des Moines Register (due to a complaint by a Buttigieg supporter) failed to release the results of its poll. Then after that, an Emerson poll and NBC poll showed me in the lead in Iowa over the weekend, but CNN and MSNBC etc. ignored them. Sad.

Couldn’t believe the DNC shenanigans at the Iowa caucuses! First, the ‘shadow’ app to report results had previously been linked to ex-Hillary campaign manager Robby Mook, who was supposed to be responsible for its operation. Looks like he successfully achieved his goal - to make sure the app failed! It wasn’t even tested prior to the caucus. Mook later denied involvement with the app, which could technically be true (in some sense) whilst his ensuring that the app failed also be true. At least, that could be argued in court and lawyers like Hillary could defend him. Anyway, Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Amy K and Kirsten Gillibrand all contributed money to the app’s development. Conflict of interest Pete?!

Add to that the involvement of Seth Klarman and David Sussman (whose daughter Emily Tisch Sussman appeared in MSNBC to tell people that preferring me over Elizabeth Warren would be to reveal one’s sexism). Klarman and Sussman are both hedge fund managers who were Clinton donors (and Buttigieg donors) and donors to a super pac called ‘Pacronym’ spawned by the umbrella organization ‘Acronym’ related to the Shadow App. Co-founder of Acronym is Tara McGowan, who just so happens to be married to Michael Halle - who worked for Hillary Clinton and is a chief strategist for Pete Buttigieg. Klarman is pro-Israeli settlement - I find it interesting that in January Pete back-tracked on his previous position to withhold military aid to Israel if it annexed more of the West Bank. I of course am pro-Israel but pro-Palestine too, as I know.

Anyway, when the app failed, precincts couldn’t phone in results! Then the day after the caucuses, Iowa Dem official Troy Price goes on TV (after 62% of results are in) to explain what happened! Troy assured everyone that the problem was just with the app, they have paper trails etc. and will take their time to ensure the remaining results are accurate. Then days go by with Pete portrayed by the corporate media as being tantamount to having won Iowa. During that time, more (paper-ballot counted) results trickle out of Iowa which were supposed to be accurate, yet still are flawed (Black Hawk County and Polk County for example). Troy Price can’t blame that (as he did) on the Shadow app since at this point paper ballots are being counted. What’s going on? Lucky I had my amazing volunteers and staff keeping an eye on things. Not me, us. Thank you all.

Hope my supporters don’t spend too much of their energy on twitter etc. venting against apparent DNC foul play. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and organize for New Hampshire and beyond.

B good.

Thursday Feb 6

Did the CNN Townhall with AC. Went quite well. Bigger issue was that quietly, it was to be revealed in the subsequent CNN townhalls of Pete and Amy K that Pete still held a narrow lead in state delegate equivalents (whatever the Chuck Todd they are), with 100% of precincts reporting. That apparently includes the 3% that was outstanding earlier in the day, mostly involving the satellite caucuses outside Iowa where people temporarily living outside Iowa could still participate. That contradicts our internal documented info which showed that we dominated in satellite caucuses. We expected foul play just like 2016 - looks like we’re getting it.

Earlier in the day DNC chair Tom Perez (who in 2016 claimed he wanted to put a fork in our campaign) had called for a complete recanvassing of the Iowa caucus, when we looked like we would overtake Pete in state delegates when the remaining 3% of results were released. The DNC want to try to prop up Pete’s campaign, now that Joe’s is imploding (although Joe is a friend of mine). The Associated Press said they couldn’t declare a winner in Iowa (re state delegates) due to irregularities in state delegate allocation generally, but that ignores the fact that the satellite caucuses which internal evidence shows we won hands down were swept under the media rug.

I’d urge my supporters to remember this (and donate $2.70!) if I had some way of getting this info to them without giving fodder to the main stream media to attack our movement and campaign.

B good.

Friday February 7th

Did another Dem debate. Went quite well. Elizabeth shook my hand at the end, unlike the last debate when she attempted to make it look like I’d lied about her. I like Liz, though she was lying about me at the time, I couldn’t understand why she said only her and Amy K were the only people on the stage who aren’t either billionaires or take money from super-pacs. I don’t take money from billionaires or super-pacs (whereas Liz has said that she will take super-pac money in a general election context). I know Pete has alleged that the green new deal sunrise movement are ‘dark money’ for my campaign. The sunrise movement are primarily young people trying to save the planet, raising awareness of climate change. They are mainly volunteers, not like Pete’s billionaire contributors. Pete is a nice guy, but maybe he worked for McKinsey for too long (what did he do there? He won’t say). Beating Trump takes money but it’s not just about money - it’s where the money comes from that matters. If it’s from billionaires then you’re part of the problem, not a remedy to the disease which Trump is a symptom of.

Anyway, time for bed.

Tuesday February 11 th

Won the New Hampshire primary. Media claimed that the more important story was how well Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar did. That’s what we’re up against. Chris Matthews suggested that I wanted to execute people like him in New York? Chuck Todd claimed that my followers online are like Hitler’s Brown Shirts? That’s the corporate media for you. On Wednesday 12 th, Jeff Weaver did a good piece on Chris Cuomo’ show. (I had been on the hour before with Anderson Cooper, - I said that “with all due respect” James Carville is a political hack! He’d attacked me recently. Ha ha. Talked about how the big corporations (fossil fuel, big pharma, health insurance, military industrial complex, prison industrial complex etc don’t like me. Hillary Clinton continues to attack me, despite calling for party unity (her supporters against Obama were called ‘P..U.M.A.s - party unity my ass). She wants unity only on her terms. The real unity needed to defeat Trump (and transform America) is amongst a grassroots movement of Progressive voters, not within the corporate Democratic Party).

Time for bed.

Saturday Feb 15 th

Getting ready for Nevada and South Carolina. New poll came out showing me with a substantial lead in Nevada, though I’m concerned that a Buttigieg affiliate has been put in charge of voting accuracy there. That doesn’t show transparency of process, especially given the DNC influenced debacle in Iowa. People are calling for the resignation of DNC leader Tom Perez. Iowa Dem Party leader Troy Price resigned, but that’s just like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz being forced to resign in 2016 (after she had been found to have helped rig the primary in favor of Hillary) only to get a promotion by Hillary in 2016.

S.E. Cupp did a smear piece against me on CNN today in which she alleged that my supporters are typically hostile to other candidates online, without providing any evidence, merely citing some social media activity and in particular regarding the Nevada Culinary Workers Union. The Nevada Caucus is next week. So now they want to do more propaganda against me - no other Democratic candidate is getting this level of negative attention just now.

Originally the union (or should I say it’s leadership) endorsed Joe, but then they (it) unendorsed Joe and are now not endorsing anyone in 2020. S.E. Cupp alleged that some of my supporters were to blame for this unendorsement, due to online harassment. In other words, the corporate media are trying to boost Joe over me, given Joe’s failures in Iowa and New Hampshire. He keeps telling people to vote for someone else! People seem to be listening to him.

First of all, if you like a candidate that is consistently smeared, ignored and vilified by the corporate media in 2020, you might want to stand up for that candidate on independent media (especially if that candidate was excoriated, cheated by the DNC and at every turn ridiculed by the corporate media in 2016). As long as you are civil. And especially since Mike Bloomberg is trying to buy the 2020 nomination.

Second, if workers had Medicare for all then unions would be able to negotiate higher wages for their members (Mike has been notoriously against unions). Looking forward to debating him next week. (The Beatles said - I don’t care too much for money, money can’t buy me love.)

B good.

Wednesday February 19 th

Feeling good. Had a good townhall yesterday with Anderson C in Las Vegas - challenged him to try to keep up with my gruelling campaign trail schedule after he brought up the most recent media talking point regarding my (very good) health record.

The Las Vegas debate went well I thought, despite the moderators not allowing me to speak when the issue of climate change came up. AOC is right - there should be themed debates (on all the issues: Climate Change, Medicare For All, Minimum Wage, Student Debt Forgiveness, Free College Tuition, Criminal Justice Reform, Immigration Reform, Foreign Policy, etc.). That way politicians can’t hide behind scripted sound-bites and right-wing talking points.

Disappointed that Elizabeth would go out of her way to defend Amy K from criticism from Pete about not remembering the name of the Mexican President, whilst agreeing with the corporate media that I am partially responsible for the unacceptable behavior of a tenth of one percent of my ‘supporters online’. Funny - the mainstream media has not provided any evidence about so-called Bernie supporters being vicious towards the leadership of Nevada culinary workers union - they just report what the union alleges. Elizabeth knows this. I guess she is being advised to align herself with centrist moderates like Amy, rather than me (despite her previous claims to support my view of Medicare For All, which she has back-tracked on).

Disappointed at Joe having a cheap shot at me during his closing statement - cameras picked up on my calling him out on that during the post-debate bit when we all wander about the stage taking selfies and talking to supporters etc. Joe is always telling people not to vote for him, if they are critical of him at his tiny rallies.

Tuesday February 25

After Saturday’s landslide win in Nevada with around a 26% lead over my nearest rival, and a good town hall with Chris Cuomo in South Carolina I am very proud of all the work our grassroots campaign has done. This is how real change takes place - always from the bottom up - never from the top down. (The recent media attempt to smear me re the Nevada Culinary Workers Union was exposed for the lie that it was - the members of the Union mainly voted for me, despite video footage on CNN shown prior to the Nevada caucuses making it look like the Union’s members were against me.)

Pete’s ‘movement’ includes around 50 billionaires with people like Seth Klarman, a major contributor to ‘Pacronym’ - the super pac responsible for Acronym, which was in turn responsible for the notoriously pathetic ‘Shadow’ App which messed up the Iowa caucuses. Klarman also is a donor to Amy K’s campaign.

I had anticipated that I would be attacked by my opponents during the debate on Tuesday but could not have foreseen that it would be bought by Mike Bloomberg, buying it from Tom Perez of the DNC. The audience was to a significant extent comprised of Bloomberg supporters or other pro-corporate people. Wealthy Bloomberg supporters applauded his ludicrous statement that he had won last week’s debate before Nevada (even the corporate main stream media thought his performance was the worst they’d ever seen). His audience cronies booed Liz when she criticized him on NDA’s, and me when I stated that his supporters were mainly billionaires.

Of course, the goal of the main stream media and establishment in general is to try to ensure there is a ‘brokered’ or ‘contested’ DNC convention In Milwaukee in July, when superdelegates could overturn the will of the people and the democratic vote during these primaries and caucuses. All of my opponents said they were ok with this rejection of democracy at the end of last week’s MSNBC debate in response to a question posed by Chuck Todd.

The Charleston County Democratic Party invited people to ‘sponsor’ the debate with ticket prices ranging from $1750 per person to $3200 per person according to the New York Times:

There were others there too, said the DNC:

“”Let me give you the facts: The tickets were divided up between the DNC, campaigns (with equal allocation), SC Dem Party, CBCI, CBS and Twitter. We invited local and community leaders, and DNC supporters. This is the most diverse audience,” the party’s communications director, Xochitl Hinojosa, said on Twitter.”

Those facts tell you how the debate was rigged. Why charge audience members of a televised debate ANYTHING to attend? Given how this debate was moderated, you should be paying people to watch it, let alone attend it.

Pete talked over me for a significant amount of the time I was supposed to be allowed by the rules to talk, especially when it came to the issue of health care (given his billionaire donors, I think I know why he did that). In fact, the pundit class on CNN etc. brushed this kind of thing off as CBS moderators just not doing a good job. CNN are part of the same corporate class as CBS, Mike Bloomberg and the DNC. So I’m a bit skeptical of the post-debate spin from CNN. Forget about MSNBC and their hate-fueling pundits like Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews (who respectively compared my supporters to Hitler’s Brown Shirts) and Matthews who was forced to apologize by the network recently for comparing my win in Nevada to the invasion of France by the Nazis.

Thought I dealt quite well with stupid attacks against me about Fidel Castro - just reminded people that Obama said the same TRUTHFUL sort of thing: Castro was a dictator who nonetheless did some good things like improving literacy. Doesn’t mean I endorse everything Castro did in Cuba, just like Obama did not fully endorse Castro.

Anyway, time for bed. Polls go up and down, but my friend Joe and me are virtually tied at the moment in South Carolina. I have a feeling that we will win in South Carolina. My friend Jim Clyburn’s followers in South Carolina can make up their own minds about what he says on Wednesday (timed for maximum effect given Joe’s town hall later that day). Why did Joe reverse his decision on the Hyde amendment overnight earlier in the campaign, when he decided to run for President again, despite having been in favor of it for decades (thereby endorsing the racist treatment of African-American women seeking abortions)?

Be good.

Wednesday February 26

Feeling good. Post-debate Maris / 5-38 poll has me extending my lead nationally, despite (or maybe because of) all the smears and baseless attacks against me on Tuesday. A little bit disappointed to hear my friend Elizabeth say in her Wednesday Town Hall on CNN that I was responsible in 2016 for writing the rules for the 2020 convention as far as superdelegates and the issue of a candidate having a plurality versus a majority of delegates in the first ballot is concerned. She implied that I had advocated that you need a majority of delegates in the first ballot to win the nomination and if that didn’t happen the superdelegates would be involved in choosing the nominee, possibly overturning the democratic will of the people.

Elizabeth knows that the DNC platform of policies agreed on in nominating their preferred candidate in 2016 was non-binding - so to talk about possibly trying to change binding rules is disingenuous and disappointing.

I never advocated anything of the sort. I was for getting rid of superdelegates all together, which the DNC refused to do. Elizabeth suggested in her Town Hall that I had played a part in writing the rules so I shouldn’t try to change them if doing so suits me in the Democratic Party Convention In Milwaukee in July. Her suggestion was disingenuous, (some might say she lied) since I never advocated in 2016 for a majority requirement in the first ballot for 2020 such that if no candidate got a majority, there should be a second ballot when (Establishment) superdelegates would choose the party’s nominee. It’s the silly season. Elizabeth is behind in the polls, so she is doing what she thinks she needs to even if she leaves out the truth.

Monday March 2nd

Feeling good about our movement’s chances on Super Tuesday, despite the media’s fawning over the first election win of my friend Joe in a Presidential campaign for over thirty years on Saturday in South Carolina. Interesting how the second the polls closed, Joe was declared the projected winner based on exit polls, yet when I won in Nevada and had strong exit polls results trickled in. Always knew we’d be up against the establishment main stream media, who control the perception of how election results are delivered to viewers for their corporate purposes - if a corporate candidate wins projections are immediate, then the rest of the evening is devoted to corporate panelists discussing problems for me (i.e. our grassroots movement).

My friend Elizabeth Warren continues to attack me, saying I’ve got nothing done which she knows is false. I’ve been instrumental in getting the minimum wage raised to $15 in seven states including for Amazon workers. I was known as the amendment king in the senate. I worked with John McCain to improve the plight of veterans. I worked with Jim Clyburn who recently endorsed my friend Joe for the South Carolina primary in adding 11 billion dollars to the ACA. My Medicare For All plan is similar to what Barack Obama campaigned on in 2008 (despite Joe now acting like Obama is to be praised for fighting for the Affordable Care Act, having abandoned the idea of universal health care at a time when he had control of both the Senate and the House and had the votes to make it happen). I’m beginning to think that Elizabeth is not as progressive as she claims to be, or whether she would be different from Obama if she became President when it comes to Medicare For All.

Time for bed. Be Good.

Friday March 6

Despite Super Tuesday, still feeling confident that our campaign can win the nomination and defeat Donald Trump in November. Alarmed at the amount of voter suppression in Texas and California, with polling stations closed in Black and Latino neighborhoods, people having to wait up six, seven, eight hours to vote, people being told in California that AP and NPR had declared I won the state, so don’t bother voting (i.e. voters being deliberately misinformed about their need to stay in line and vote since CA is not a winner take all situation).

It’s now Friday morning, and California still has only 57% of the results counted according to MSNBC. Chris Matthews of that network was forced to resign given comments he made about our campaign before Super Tuesday. Maddow with Liz Warren kept up the Bernie-Bro narrative on Thursday March 5. Disappointed that Liz didn’t question the idea that it must have been my supporters launching personal attacks on people - the attacks she and Maddow alluded to could have come from anyone masquerading as one of my supporters. Hillary had a paid army of trolls online against me in 2016.

Liz came third in her home state of Massachusetts and I congratulate Liz on running a strong campaign. She suspended it on Wednesday. We broadly agree on many issues. Bit skeptical about how exit polls showed that I was leading in Massachusetts, yet Joe Biden won the state?

Looking forward to next Tuesday and the next round of elections. If the California results had been released by now, I’d probably be ahead of Joe with pledged delegates. Looking forward to what promises to be an interesting debate with Joe, which for some reason has been scheduled after next Tuesday.

Time for bed. Be good.

Wednesday March 18th

As I told Manu Raju of CNN earlier today, “I am dealing with a fucking global crisis”

Sometimes it’s appropriate to get angry. As Aristotle argued, anger is a virtue. As John Lydon (a.k.a Johnny Rotten of The Sex Pistols) sang, anger is an energy. Our campaign is the appropriate one for this moment - we have the appropriate anger and energy. Being moderate is not always appropriate. Now is not the time for centrism / moderation, given the for-profit health care system in America and the Corona virus.

Now that I’ve suspended my campaign, I’m dreaming that Biden will at least say he supports some of my policies if he wants to attract younger voters, to defeat Trump. Biden’s own ads thus far in that regard are fucking shit.