stoningroll vol.1 no.2

stoning roll vol.1 no.2, including pieces on albums by Lennon v McCartney, The Who (Who's Next), and Blondie (Eat To The Beat). The featured artist is Gary Greenfield (his album is entitled 'In My Strange World'). Available from Amazon's kindle store - no kindle required. Read an excerpt . . .

the illustrated ballad of king ra-tumbla
The epic poem. Available from Amazon now. Ezra Pound & Wallace Stevens battle Ludwig Wittgenstein. Read an excerpt from the book here . .

102 limericks
Topics ranging from philosophical to raunchy, and from silly to surreal. Tenuously interconnected, A- Z. Available from Amazon.

stoning roll vol.1 no.1

Featuring Soley Mourning - The Rocket Pool, with pieces on albums by The Beatles (Beatles For Sale), The Jam (Sound Affects) and Joni Mitchell (Blue). Available from Amazon's kindle store - no kindle required. Read an excerpt . . .

Father Ted

 is an introduction to the relationship between the concepts of god and morality, based on Plato's Euthyphro dilemma. No prior knowledge of Philosophy required. The book (a play) is written in the style of the cult classic comedy of Father Ted!

Read the first act of the play . . .

guidelines regarding modern living

Guidelines Regarding Modern Living is an indispensable guide for living in the modern world. Find information about the placement of objects, sitting down, the relocation of insects, completing other people's sentences and much more! Available now from Amazon's kindle store - no kindle required (free for members of kindle unlimited). Read an excerpt . . .

101 Blooms from an Impressionistic Collective of Risible Avant-garde Poetry, and such . . . available from Amazon in paperback format.