From the ancient province of Wang-Tung-Lo, now known as Hung-Dong-Chu

Hails a strange traveler with chakra all aglow, wisdom of dream-sheds, owl-droppings and kung-fu

To King Slutt’s lofty regal bed she rumbles softly in her head: “who wants to wake dream-owls; to wit, to woo them from their slumbers?”

“It is said that King Slutt yearns, nay burns with fire of deep desire such wisdom for to learn” - mumbles the King: “I so aspire, it’s true”

“Then harken on this code”, said she, “for no man who utters it from shed can be owl-barred; only mind the favor I am owed for granting you this power”

The lusting king enabled, thinking nothing of the nature of such fabled potent pact, said:

“Give unto me thy barred-code, cracked!” – the stranger said, “just so”


And as a blue-blood moon betides the opening of owls’ eyes, closed

A whispered incantation meets with King Slutt’s consternation:

“Yung tung ho, ming dong cho, hu flung dung wang chung tin po”

For with that enigmatic barred-owl code, the traveler, chakra all aglow is vanished

Banished too forthwith are owls and sheds and things unknown upon the floor

As if on waking from a sleep of daggered dreams that cut so deep

That Prince Motabu’s blood seems rendered

Blended with the gore