Run for your life / I saw her standing there


In between the possibility of song and the unseemly reality of dreams, seeming to run is to stand still, or is not, depending on whether one’s noted feet are fleet, flat or sharp. John is asleep in the sun, where seeming to be real befalls those who write songs in the rain. Real rain is not possible in ordinary dreams, except of course in the universal dream. The universal dream has both a dark side and another side, which is a possibly non-dark side. On the dark side of the universal dream, there is much real rain, and much non-real rain. On John’s side, the real rain is dark, but it is real dark. On Paul’s side, the universal dream has rain that forms a clear reflecting pool. A clear reflecting pool is possible for Paul – a possible refrain.


Revolution / Let it be


The brain contains each slight refrain, each song of love seems to feel like strawberries and cream. The tins of strawberry dreams at the mall are all illuminated by Paul people. They are the possible seemings of songs, all the lonely steeples, only sleeping. Dark dreams reflect the dark possibilities that may befall the fallen. This is how things seem: such a slight inkling may still be writ large on the new day. Turning, revolving, from darkness to non-darkness, the pool is still. The seemings of perpetual revolution are just the seemings of transient non-revolution. This is just an example. An example is possible, in a dream. In sleep, dreams seem real, they feel like desert rain.


Rain / I’ll follow the sun


Desert rain is just an example. Possible dreams are themselves illuminated by desert sun, touching the sea of brain-waves. If dreams seem real, it is possible that the seemings of dreams are seamlessly integrated with all of the songs of the sun. Each drop of acid rain that befalls the dreamer, recalls a sun-beam dream - a possible dream: the dream of the sunburst Beamer. Beaming with pride, an inner light befalls the self-illuminating dreamer. The mirage of the mirror is impossible, in any dream. Ordinary rain is like desert rain, except that ordinary places are where rainfall is befallen. Occasionally, ordinary dreams reproduce the imaginary lives of extraordinary strawberries. Possible dream-puddles seem hypothetically descriptionless.