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 A synopsis of the forthcoming musical by Gary Greenfield entitled "My Sweetheart And Me":


“My Sweetheart and Me” is set in September 1967 in Northern Ireland, during a period which compared to the ‘troubles/post-troubles’ era would no doubt be seen in a nostalgic light by those dwindling few old-timers who can still remember it (with or without their NHS prescription rose-coloured spectacles). For those too young to remember that kind of September, think of this musical as an affectionate homage to a less cynical time of innocence and light-heartedness. “Teasys’ bar” (Belfast) is the public house where the majority of the events of the musical occur. It is a romantic idealization of the typical pub (i.e. community corner-stone) at the time in question, when everybody really did ‘know your name’.


The only guns around ‘these here parts’ are toy ones! We begin this heart-warming farce with Tommy, Marcus, and Barney (not necessarily in that order) representing ‘The Good’, ‘The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’ of Clint Eastwood fame. These three bachelors make an impression (not necessarily favorable) on three bachelorettes that frequent the bar (viz. Patricia, Barbara and Sheena). Hilarious consequences ensue as toy guns are mistaken for real ones. When the spaghetti western dust settles, only “Bookworm Bob” (‘brother’ of Tommy) and Sheena remain. Their initial hesitatingly amorous feelings for each other are revealed, and are later developed and transformed in fine Shakespearean style (constituting the central plot of the musical) -