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@BidenMarch #replacebiden June 27

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The initial coverage of police brutality towards peaceful protestors was good for ratings but instead of following up on the causes of systemic racism in the police and the related economic inequality in society, the corporate media pivoted to suggesting that Joe Biden is better than Trump as far as racial discrimination is concerned. That idea was not scrutinized or substantiated - in fact it is false. Trump is just more open about his racism than Biden.

CNN and MSNBC are now slowly trying to bring Biden back into the news for propaganda reasons, despite his long history of advocating racist policies and fraternizing with segregationists. South Carolina’s Jim Clyburn, who endorsed Biden prior to the March 2020 Super Tuesday seemed to have no problem with Biden’s racism but even he has now been forced to express concern over Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment to ‘Charlemagne Tha God’ in a ‘Breakfast Club’ interview recently.

Biden has vowed to uphold his allegiance to Wall Street, having told them that if he is President “nothing will fundamentally change”. The implication is that on Biden’s corporate view of politics, the racism that the protests have forced him to say something about (to help his election campaign) are a nuisance which he hopes the corporate media will deal with. Author of the Crime Bill, Biden does not really care about black lives, Jim Clyburn notwithstanding.

In one of the latest of Biden’s long history of what have come to be falsely portrayed by the corporate media as just innocuous gaffes, he replied to the rapper Charlemagne’s simple statement that he had more questions for Biden by saying that if you have a problem deciding between me and Trump, “you ain’t black”.

Why no-one should vote for Biden or Trump

The lesser of two evils argument is a flawed irrational argument. Click the following link for details or just go to the lesser of two evils argument debunked again for 2020 article in the MSM BS AM PM menu item on this site.

Neither Biden nor Trump are demanding that the government should do anything remotely significant to help you during the Coronavirus. Biden demands free tests but has disingenuously claimed that Medicare for all would not have prevented the virus. This is a non-sequitur since no-one is claiming that it would have prevented it. What e.g. a Canadian style health care system would yield is a situation in which no one goes bankrupt because of health insurance debt.

Neither Biden nor Trump are suggesting that Americans should get $2000 per month for the duration of the coronavirus crisis, unlike the actual current situation in Canada. Biden and Trump both work for their corporate donors.

What explains the massive difference between the Canadian and American response to the coronavirus? One possibility is that Canada is part of the British commonwealth of countries. Britain prides itself on their National Health service, as recently evidenced by Paul McCartney’s and Emma Thompson’s etc. ‘love letters’ to the NHS of the U. K. The NHS came into existence after World War Two. In America around the same time, FDR’s ‘new deal’ got the country back on its feet. Not only is Canada a country that provides free health care, the Canadian government is providing an adequate income for its people during the entire duration of the virus.

Why hasn’t America got a free health care service? Why isn’t the American government providing reasonably adequate financial help to people during this crisis? Trump has declared himself a war-time President, fighting to defeat the virus yet has refused to broadly implement the Defense Production Act which would force companies to manufacture necessary equipment like ventilators or personal protective equipment for nurses etc. Biden in a rare publicly televised statement around this time has criticized Trump for his failures in responding to the virus.

On Friday July 5 2019 CNN aired segments of Chris Cuomo’s ‘one-on-one’ with Joe Biden (in a cafe, the kind of place Biden likes to be seen). The same segments were introduced in the afternoon (by Dana Bash in for Jake Tapper) and at eight o’clock (by Jim Sciuto, in for Chris Cuomo).

Earlier in the same week (Monday) a CNN poll seemed to show that Harris had gained a surge in popularity after the debates of the previous week and was now not far behind Biden. The next day, a Quinnipiac poll gave further cause for concern to the Biden campaign, with Harris narrowing the gap on the ‘front-runner’ (media did not mention that three fifths of those polled said they might still change their mind prior to the Democratic nominee election).

Some relevant facts were not mentioned by CNN in their sensationalist coverage of polling throughout the first week of July, after the first Dem debates. First, although the CNN poll suggested that Harris’s surge was caused by her debate performance against Biden, the same poll showed that 36% of respondents had not even watched much of the debates but instead closely watched news coverage of them later on. Of course, such coverage just focused on Harris and Biden, colored with the opinions of CNN ‘experts’.

One conclusion can be drawn - it was misleading of CNN to say that Harris’ surge was a result of her debate performance with Biden, since too many people (36%) might have formed their view about Harris based on CNN coverage of the debate, not the debate itself. To a significant extent, the poll may just reflect CNN’s propaganda about the debate. Ditto regarding people’s views on whether Biden sexually abused (not just harassed) Tara Reade. Many just accept the analysis put out by the corporate media which is actually not at all convincing (pace Elizabeth Warren who claims she finds Biden’s response to the Reade allegations “credible and convincing”). Now that Warren is being considered in the media as a possible VP pick for Biden she is now backtracking on her previous pro #metoo movement claims e.g. regarding Michael Bloomberg in the debates).

On Saturday April 25, the hashtag #DropOutBiden had been trending all day. The previous day new evidence had emerged against Democratic Party Presidential candidate Joe Biden, regarding credible allegations that he technically raped Tara Reade (with his finger). The new evidence was that Tara Reade’s mother had phoned into the Larry King Live show in 1993, regarding a prominent senator at the time, regarding sexual misconduct against her daughter thus further corroborating Tara Reade’s allegations.

Following some luke-warm reluctant CNN coverage of the Tara Reade allegations earlier on Saturday by Wolf Blitzer and Ana Cabrero, Twitter decided to remove the #DropOutBiden hashtag from its trending tags, despite the hashtag having had well over 100, 000 hits at the time with no signs of slowing down.

The Tara Reade story (which originated in 1993) had resurfaced months before April 25 2020. It was only reluctantly reported on by CNN after Bernie Sanders announced that he was suspending his 2020 campaign for the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. Bernie is still on the ballot in the remaining states which have not yet voted, though Andrew Cuomo has sought to remove Bernie from the ballot in the New York primaries.

George Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ is prophetic regarding the contemporary world and contemporary America under Trump.

On Wednesday June 5 2019, Joe Biden supported the Hyde amendment to Roe v Wade (as he had done for the previous forty years). On Thursday June 6 2019, he claimed that he now opposes it. Why?

The Hyde amendment was passed very soon after Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that abortion is a constitutional right. However, the amendment prevents federal funds from being used to pay for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger. In effect it penalizes low income women (and given the ongoing racist history of America, predominately women of color). In effect, the Hyde amendment was a racist amendment that restricted the abortion rights benefits of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade ruling to (relatively affluent) white women.

On Wednesday June 5 (the day before Biden’s 180 degree reversal on Hyde) Chris Cuomo interviewed a Biden surrogate. Biden’s campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond, vaguely replying to questions about Biden’s views on abortion, Roe v Wade and the Hyde amendment said - look at Biden’s record. Next day Biden espoused a view which denounced his record of decades past.