Why no-one should vote for Biden or Trump

The lesser of two evils argument is a flawed irrational argument. Click the following link for details or just go to the lesser of two evils argument debunked again for 2020 article in the MSM BS AM PM menu item on this site.

Neither Biden nor Trump are demanding that the government should do anything remotely significant to help you during the Coronavirus. Biden demands free tests but has disingenuously claimed that Medicare for all would not have prevented the virus. This is a non-sequitur since no-one is claiming that it would have prevented it. What e.g. a Canadian style health care system would yield is a situation in which no one goes bankrupt because of health insurance debt.

Neither Biden nor Trump are suggesting that Americans should get $2000 per month for the duration of the coronavirus crisis, unlike the actual current situation in Canada. Biden and Trump both work for their corporate donors.

What explains the massive difference between the Canadian and American response to the coronavirus? One possibility is that Canada is part of the British commonwealth of countries. Britain prides itself on their National Health service, as recently evidenced by Paul McCartney’s and Emma Thompson’s etc. ‘love letters’ to the NHS of the U. K. The NHS came into existence after World War Two. In America around the same time, FDR’s ‘new deal’ got the country back on its feet. Not only is Canada a country that provides free health care, the Canadian government is providing an adequate income for its people during the entire duration of the virus.

Why hasn’t America got a free health care service? Why isn’t the American government providing reasonably adequate financial help to people during this crisis? Trump has declared himself a war-time President, fighting to defeat the virus yet has refused to broadly implement the Defense Production Act which would force companies to manufacture necessary equipment like ventilators or personal protective equipment for nurses etc. Biden in a rare publicly televised statement around this time has criticized Trump for his failures in responding to the virus.

However, Biden does not want to go on record as saying that if the Government helps everyone including the working class during the virus by paying for their testing and subsequent medical / hospital bills then logically the Government should do that all the time e.g. for diabetes, cancer and other illnesses not just the virus. To that extent, Biden and Trump are just the same.

Trump in daily briefings has explicitly argued against helping people - first by denying the seriousness of the virus, then by claiming that the responsibility to help people lies with individual states (and their governors over whom he has political influence), then by suggesting that people might consider injecting themselves with disinfectant, drinking bleach etc.

Biden during this time has been conspicuously nowhere to be seen, except in cringingly embarrassing live streams in which his wife does most of the talking to conceal the fact that her husband is in cognitive decline, or in an awkward split screen with a lucid and relaxed Hillary Clinton when she endorsed him on Tuesday April 28. Nancy Pelosi had endorsed Biden the day before on the 27th, as the Tara Reade sexual assault allegation evidence continued to grow. The New York Times had done an ‘inquiry’ into the allegations (which were tampered with at the behest of the Biden campaign). Stacy Abrams interviewed by Don Lemon on Tuesday April 28 referred to the New York Times inquiry as if it were objective and final, in her decision to believe Biden against Reade. Neither Lemon nor Abrams mentioned anything about the Larry King video in which Reade’s mother phoned into the show, corroborating Tara’s story. Nor did they mention that other witnesses had come forward to back up Tara Reade’s claims following the Larry King tape, both of which were after the New York Times ‘inquiry’.

Through his virtually complete silence on the virus issue (as someone who is against Medicare for all even in the (hopefully) short term) as the presumptive Democratic Party nominee, Biden is implicitly sanctioning the deaths of thousands of Americans. This is viewed as a consequence of possible dementia by independent media and is just ignored by mainstream corporate media.

What would it take for the American government to help its citizens, as is the case in other countries (e.g. Canada)? Trump and Biden are the embodiment of class warfare against working people in America, except that if anything, Biden is worse than Trump. He is less honest about class warfare in America than Trump, who at least is honest in his racism. Biden is dishonest even about that, who originally sanctimoniously announced that the most recent of his three campaigns for the presidency was a reaction to Trump’s racism about Charlottesville. He had to fight for the ‘soul’ of America.

There is literally no such thing as a personal soul, and the notion of a metaphorical soul (of a country) is vague to say the least, just like Biden’s slogans - ‘this is America’ or ‘we have to remember who we are’. However there is such a thing as a personal moral conscience and Joe Biden does not have one: he has lied in public life, been conspicuously inappropriate with women, has been credibly accused of sexual assault and has been willing to prostitute himself to corporations for decades.

The saddest part of all of this is that even though many people know some or all of Biden’s past and despite the fact that he offers nothing to help working people in terms of policy and is in cognitive decline, people still seem to want to vote for him. That indicates ironically that even the metaphorical soul that Biden alludes to as the reason why he decided to run for President (for the third time) does not exist, any more than a literal soul exists (as opposed to just consciousness supported by the physical function of the brain). Biden voters are either ignorant or unethical (or in some cases both) in being willing to vote for a proven liar and credibly accused rapist, rather than Trump, a proven liar and credibly accused rapist.

What do you do, when faced with such alternatives that have been deliberately set up for you (the corporate media playing its part in presenting these to you as the only viable choices)? If you are poor, living pay check to pay check as most Americans are, many people will gullibly vote for the lesser of two liars and credibly alleged rapists out of a (misguided) sense of self-interest, believing the lies they spout. As such, you end up perpetuating and condoning evil in general in America (and in American foreign policy) out of a false belief that you are acting in your own self-interest. You are actually acting against your self-interest, not for it, in voting for Biden or Trump.

Despite what the corporate media claims, you don’t morally have to vote for either Biden or Trump. If your view of morality is guided by self-interest, don’t vote for Biden or Trump since neither of them will do anything to help you (unless you are a millionaire or billionaire). In fact in such non-millionaire circumstances a vote for Biden or Trump is actually evil if you are working-class, informed and voting out of self-interest. On that view of ethics such a vote would be objectively morally wrong since you are voting based on deliberately ignoring what you believe to be true information supplied by the corporate mainstream media about which candidate will hurt your ideals the least. Such a vote would be evil. Likewise, voting for Biden or Trump based on self-interested reasons despite what you believe are credible allegations against them is evil.

Vote for neither. A new day will dawn and a new sun will rise up.