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The initial coverage of police brutality towards peaceful protestors was good for ratings but instead of following up on the causes of systemic racism in the police and the related economic inequality in society, the corporate media pivoted to suggesting that Joe Biden is better than Trump as far as racial discrimination is concerned. That idea was not scrutinized or substantiated - in fact it is false. Trump is just more open about his racism than Biden.

CNN and MSNBC are now slowly trying to bring Biden back into the news for propaganda reasons, despite his long history of advocating racist policies and fraternizing with segregationists. South Carolina’s Jim Clyburn, who endorsed Biden prior to the March 2020 Super Tuesday seemed to have no problem with Biden’s racism but even he has now been forced to express concern over Biden’s “you ain’t black” comment to ‘Charlemagne Tha God’ in a ‘Breakfast Club’ interview recently.

Biden has vowed to uphold his allegiance to Wall Street, having told them that if he is President “nothing will fundamentally change”. The implication is that on Biden’s corporate view of politics, the racism that the protests have forced him to say something about (to help his election campaign) are a nuisance which he hopes the corporate media will deal with. Author of the Crime Bill, Biden does not really care about black lives, Jim Clyburn notwithstanding.

In one of the latest of Biden’s long history of what have come to be falsely portrayed by the corporate media as just innocuous gaffes, he replied to the rapper Charlemagne’s simple statement that he had more questions for Biden by saying that if you have a problem deciding between me and Trump, “you ain’t black”.

The Biden campaign damage limitation team tried to argue that Biden was just referring to Charlemagne himself, who was allegedly ‘baiting him’ (Biden) not black people in general. This could not have reasonably been construed as Biden’s intention at the time, in the context of the interview, since Charlemagne was not baiting Biden and Biden’s remark was consistent with other propagandist remarks he made during the interview.

In particular Biden referenced a study by Columbia University which suggested that if action had been taken in America just a week earlier, more than 30,000 lives could have been saved. This was cited by Biden as a criticism of Trump (for election purposes) yet Biden insisted on the notion of people voting in person in the Wisconsin primaries weeks after the time he said Trump could have prevented more than 30,000 deaths if he had acted a week earlier.

Grandstanding for general election reasons, Biden claimed to Charlemagne that those 30,000 + people are “dead dead dead”. Yet Biden has said he would veto any Medicare For All Bill if he were President, despite more than 60,000 people dying in the USA per year due to not being able to afford to go to a doctor when they need to.

Now we also have Obama giving his sermon on CNN about how the protests may result in real change. This is in contrast to the fake change that Obama advocated in 2008 - in particular regarding a single-payer Bernie type health care system. Once in power, and with the Democratic Party in control of both houses of Congress, he still did not follow through with the change he promised if elected.

The CNN Obama footage is supposed to contrast for propaganda purposes to Trump’s photo op holding a Bible at St John’s church across from the WhiteHouse. Trump proclaimed his support of peaceful protestors, whilst having just tear-gassed them in order to make his way to the church.

Obama, Trump, Biden, Clinton are all implicit ethical egoists. There are different conceptions of morality - it would help the public understand where politicians are coming from if the media would give a brief explanation of this fact. According to ethical egoism, anything at all (lying, tear-gassing the citizens of your own country) is morally acceptable as long as it helps you individually. Ethical egoism is a version of consequentialism - the idea that only consequences are morally important, not the intention with which an act or policy is performed. Politicians as ethical egoists (as Bernie has alluded to, though not explicitly using this term) will never act altruistically - they will never help those who need help just because they can see that help is needed. They will only enact policies that benefit themselves and their corporate donors. (Part one of a trilogy elaborates on this issue, forthcoming. One can find more on the issue of the lesser of two evils, a philosophical analysis of consequentialism etc. elsewhere on this site.)


Neither Biden nor Trump will do anything to bring real racial and/or economic equality to America despite their lies. The corporate mainstream media knows this, yet every day their hosts engage in sanctimonious play-acting as if their candidate has the moral high-ground (CNN and MSNBC for Biden and Fox News for Trump). The corporate media are implicitly ethical egoists just as the candidates they do propaganda for are implicit ethical egoists.

Bernie had a lifetime of altruism and compassion. The corporate media and DNC and Obama and Biden fought him, disparaging his view that if people stood up in numbers against injustice change could come. Yet now that people are protesting against racial injustice and risking their lives in a pandemic, the media and phonies like Biden are now talking like Bernie did when they think there’s no chance Bernie can get the nomination.

Despite Biden having officially reached the number of delegates required for the nomination as of June 5, 2020 (a Friday ‘news dump’ day) its not over yet. The revolution that is now occurring (which Biden claimed people didn’t want during the campaign) is helping to reveal that systemic racism and police brutality are inextricably linked with economic injustice historically and currently. This is reflected in the fact that the police protect and serve the wealthy, whilst having a different attitude to the poor in America, recently shooting rubber bullets at and tear-gassing those who complain. Fixing either one of these injustices will involve fixing the other which is precisely what Bernie has been arguing for decades.

Revolution v The Democratic Party Convention. Altruism v ethical egoism.