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On Wednesday June 5 2019, Joe Biden supported the Hyde amendment to Roe v Wade (as he had done for the previous forty years). On Thursday June 6 2019, he claimed that he now opposes it. Why?

The Hyde amendment was passed very soon after Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that abortion is a constitutional right. However, the amendment prevents federal funds from being used to pay for abortions except in cases of rape, incest or when the mother’s life is in danger. In effect it penalizes low income women (and given the ongoing racist history of America, predominately women of color). In effect, the Hyde amendment was a racist amendment that restricted the abortion rights benefits of the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade ruling to (relatively affluent) white women.

On Wednesday June 5 (the day before Biden’s 180 degree reversal on Hyde) Chris Cuomo interviewed a Biden surrogate. Biden’s campaign co-chair Cedric Richmond, vaguely replying to questions about Biden’s views on abortion, Roe v Wade and the Hyde amendment said - look at Biden’s record. Next day Biden espoused a view which denounced his record of decades past.

Biden’s record, which we were asked to take a look at, is one of racism and misogyny. He made racist comments about Barack Obama in 2008 (yet he now lionizes the halcyon Obama days - days of the ‘deportation king’, of expansion of global wars, of backing down on universal health care etc.). He wrote the racist Crime Bill. He has a history of not respecting women’s boundaries. He sided against poor people (siding with predatory credit card companies) in his bankruptcy law vote in 2005 as Elizabeth Warren knows. This is the history of someone who is not at all progressive to put it mildly (contrary to Biden’s own ridiculous claim that he is the most progressive candidate for 2020).

Contrary to the media’s spin on Biden’s political problem about his change from being pro-Hyde amendment to being against it, Biden was never really pro-choice. Much like Hillary Clinton’s ‘public stance / private stance’ policy about Wall Street in 2016, Biden has wanted to have his cake and eat it. He publicly supported Roe v Wade and promulgated the idea that he follows the constitution, whilst privately wanting to prevent the poor from having abortions (the women who need that constitutional right the most).

Ironically, Joe Biden claims to be a catholic. One normally thinks of Christians as wanting to help the poor. As far as poor women (mainly of color) needing abortions were concerned, Biden has spent the majority of his political career wanting to deny them help (whilst advocating the opposite for relatively wealthy white women). Although this fact has been relatively quiet for most of Biden’s career, now that he is running for President for the third time it is rearing it’s racist ugly head.

Biden can’t hide his racism behind his religion - that’s what the KKK try to do and what Trump encourages.