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On Super Delegates


CNN, MSNBC, please stop adding super delegates to one or other Democatic candidate's tally of pledged delegates whenever you show graphics on television about the state of the race for the Democratic nominee for president (between Hillary and Bernie). Adding these super delegates on to the tally of one or other candidate while the primaries and caucuses are still ongoing is misleading, since it creates the impression that one candidate (as it transpires, Hillary) is doing much better than she actually is as far as the ongoing race is concerned.

You know that many people don't realize the distinction between super delegates and pledged delegates: they just look at the fancy bar-chart on your 'magic wall' or such and uncritically vote for the candidate that they (based on what they see on t.v. but cannot accurately interpret) believe to have an unassailable lead.

For the above reason, including super delegates in the tally of candidate's' overall delegates undermines the democratic process. Furthermore, the aforesaid super delegates who are leaning in favor of one or other candidate as the race unfolds may well change their minds as the race moves on, and especially at the Democratic convention in the summer, in Philadelphia. Many super delegates (establishment figures - elected politicians who are part of the current status quo) who prior to the convention lean towards Hillary may yet change their minds and support Bernie instead (or vice versa).

You are undermining democracy in continuing the practice of including super delegates in with the tally of normal pledged delegates for each candidate as the race unfolds  - the practice is analogous to adding the votes of independent voters to the tally of votes for one candidate rather than another, before any election occurs, simply on the basis of asking them how they feel now (prior to their getting relevant information which could have an effect on the way they vote once the time to vote arrives).