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It is clear for various reasons that MSNBC (and CNN) are Orwellian propagandists for Hillary Clinton. One quick example - Chuck Todd (3-30-16, after the Rachel Maddow show) referred to Bernie’s big wins in states like New Hampshire as instances of his “buying” those wins (by spending a lot on tv ads).

Nonsense. Of course Bernie is against super-pacs and billionaires buying elections - his point is that when candidates take money from special interest groups, lobbyists, Wall Street etc. those candidates are beholden to their donors, *not actual voters*. In contrast, the people that Bernie is beholden to when he wins a state in a caucus or primary are the actual people who voted for him. The people who make small contributions to Bernie’s campaign are middle-class and working-class people who believe in his message, not billionaires who want to *corrupt* him so that he will do their bidding once in office, at the expense of the majority.

Furthermore, Bernie in conversation with Rachel Maddow (3-30-16) never claimed that the issue of abortion and a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body was not as important e.g. raising the minimum wage, contrary to Rachel’s summary of the relevant point in the post-interview negative-Bernie panel spin. He was talking about how the media allow Trump to distract voters from the substantive issues (women’s rights included) by focusing on his deliberately incendiary *comments* on various issues. Bernie at no point suggested that the *issue* of women’s rights was not as important as economic issues - his point was that Trump’s incendiary *comments* on various issues is what the media focuses on, not the substantive issues themselves.

Somewhat ironically, President Obama (Hillary’s apparent unofficial running-mate) recently called on journalists to get tougher in their questions of candidates (with Trump in mind). It would be nice if CNN and MSNBC take this advice to heart and start applying it to Hillary Clinton as well as the other candidates. The talking heads of the aforesaid media must surely come across to all but the most naive or brainwashed of viewers as pro-Hillary puppets - with the controlling hands of Time Warner and Comcast up the relevant ass-holes.