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The pot calling the kettle black
2008 -
Donald Trump claims that Barack Obama is a Muslim (a rumor originally started by Hillary Clinton).  Relatedly, in a vitriolic campaign against Obama, Senator Clinton's team produces photographs (taken in 2006 in Kenya) of Obama dressed in traditional Somali garb. These misleading photos are paraded around the corporate media's political television shows as anti-Obama propaganda.
President-elect Obama, with his Abraham Lincoln-style 'team of rivals' brand, chooses Senator Clinton for his Secretary of State. Why? Surely not because of her knowledge of foreign affairs or being ready from 'day one' to do the job (unless doing the job involves lying to the public - Google Hillary Clinton and Bosnia). More plausibly Obama's choice of Clinton is political - to attempt to unify the party.
2016 -
Secretary of State Clinton (Hillary) claims that a substantive reason that she should be preferred over Senator Sanders (Bernie) is that she has the experience from 'day one' to be President and Commander in Chief. 
In response, Bernie claims that although experienced, Hillary lacks judgment (citing her vote for the Iraq war inter alia as evidence). Hillary's campaign's counter-response has been to suggest that Bernie's campaign in this regard is 'going negative'.
Really? If experience is relevant in that it has a bearing on one's ability to do the job (of President), having good judgment is relevant for the same reason. In which case, it is both false and hypocritical of Hillary and her spin-doctors to claim that Bernie's criticisms of her judgment are 'personal' or 'negative' (non-substantial).