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Hillary  has been plugging Hillary-Care as a stepping-stone to Obama-Care in debates and stump speeches during the current (2016) democratic nomination battle. This is quite deceitful.

First of all, many do not realize that it was Bill Clinton, not Hillary, who was the driving force behind the Hillary-Care health care proposal - it was a main part of his presidential campaign in 1992. Bill's idea was essentially that employers would be forced to pay for health insurance for their employees, but people under a certain income level would get health care free. Hillary's role in 1993 was to head a task-force charged with selling this idea to the American public. This task-force failed, under fire from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies, weakening Hillary's popularity at the time. 



Switch to Obama v Hillary in 2008. Obama wanted a single payer universal health care system (the same as Bernie does now), not the watered down affordable health care act (which is much more like Bill's old 1992 idea) which Hillary now (2016) claims that she wants to 'build on'. 


It's typically disingenuous of Hillary to suggest that Hillary-Care was a building block to what Obama wanted in the democratic primaries in 2008 - he wanted what Bernie wants now, not the vitiated Obama-Care which Hillary cites when trying to con people (especially African-Americans) into believing that she wants to build on Obama's legacy.


Please bear this in mind when thinking about what Hillary's motives are for appearing to care about drug-addiction in West Virginia.