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'Almost-Insurmountable' Bernie Sanders


Congratulations to Bernie on his impressive win in West Virginia. Having said that, upon watching the corporate pro-Hillary media's spin on his victory, one might be forgiven for thinking that Bernie's middle name is "Almost-Insurmountable" (given their anal-retentive focus on math and the nomination process rather than substantive issues).


The latest pro-Hillary propaganda seems to be that some of Bernie's votes in West Virginia came from Trump supporters. Of course, CNN and MSNBC (being owned by Time Warner and Comcast, who have a vested interest in trade agreements that Hillary has traditionally supported) want to combat the fact that national and state polls show that Bernie beats Trump in a general election by a much wider margin than Hillary does. So they make a big deal about where some of Bernie's votes in WV are (allegedly) coming from. Why?


Strategically, why would Trump supporters in West Virginia vote for Bernie, even given the fact that Trump is already the presumptive nominee for the G.O.P.? Trump has said many times that he would prefer to face Hillary in a general election situation rather than Bernie. Setting aside speculation about his reasons for saying this, Trump supporters surely know he has said it. In that case, it would make more sense for Trump supporters to vote for Hillary in West Virginia from a strategic point of view (because they would be trying to help give Trump what he wants), not Bernie.


Alternatively, if on present assumptions Trump supporters who (we are led to believe by the media) voted for Bernie in WV did so not for tactical reasons, but out of sincere conviction, why would they not just straightforwardly vote for Trump? 


Either way there's a problem, and it suggests that the pro-Hillary media are still up to the same sort of tricks that they have been engaging in throughout the whole nomination process. 

Bring on Philadelphia!