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To Douglas Perry / The Oregonian 05/10/16


Douglas Perry's recent piece is just another instance of corporate media pro-Hillary propaganda (the main culprits being CNN and MSNBC - owned by Time Warner and Comcast. These are some of the most powerful corporations in the USA with vested interests in Hillary becoming the Democratic nominee).


If op ed pieces were to focus on the substantive issues, people would be informed about the relative vagueness and ambiguity of Hillary and Trump's policies in comparison to Bernie's. Hillary talks about "breaking down barriers", apparently in response to Trump's slogan of "build that wall" (and his claiming that Mexico will pay for its construction). In contrast, Bernie has laid out specific plans regarding how to pay for universal health care as a right for all, and e.g. free public college tuition. (See for the details.)


Hillary is against free universal health care (even though it is the norm throughout Europe and Canada - comprising countries that do not have anywhere near the same resources/wealth as does America). She has claimed that she wants to build on the legacy of Obama and the affordable health care act, and has touted Hillary-Care as a fore-runner of Obama's vision for health care in America. This is a lie. Obama when running against Clinton in 2008 wanted a single payer universal health care plan, not the watered down (pejoratively titled Obama-care).


It is Bernie, not Hillary, who would best preserve Obama's vision for America as far as health care is concerned.


Relatedly, free public college tuition is widely available in Europe. This is not a radical idea by any means (contrary to the "pie in the sky" conservative pundits on TV in the USA - the majority of whom were educated in their own country and have little experience of living abroad). Most poignantly, college tuition is free in Scotland, U.K. - the place of Donald Trump's mother's birth (Trump owns golf courses in Scotland). The second oldest University in the world, after Oxford University in England, is Saint Andrews University in Scotland. You guessed it - at Saint Andrews tuition is free. 


Vote according to your ideals, not according to what the corporate media wants you to believe.