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Bernie has stated in his 2016 primary campaign that if you are going to hold gun manufacturers responsible when bad actors do bad things with hand guns, rifles (i.e. non semi-automatic (assault) weapons) which they have bought legally, the logical consequence is that all such guns ought to be banned in America since you are ultimately saying that the problem is with the manufacture of those guns and rifles in the first place. Bernie is against this view, and has consistently been against it. (Relatedly, if someone were killed in a hit and run car accident, we would not think that the manufacturer of the model of car in question ought to be held responsible for the death of the victim.)

In 2008, the then Senator Obama referred to Hillary Clinton as the fabled female gun-slinger "Annie Oakley". At the time, the New York Times had a piece describing Hillary as "A pro-gun church goer". Yet now, Hillary loves to put forward the notion that she is joined at the hip with Obama in all of his policies. See a relevant piece here:

In the run up to the New York primary in April, Hillary and her campaign were devising a way of attacking Bernie's position on gun control. Carefully looking at the data in order to make sure their claim was at least technically true, they made the bizarre decision to focus on the per capita figures relating to gun trafficking. 


Per capita analysis is normal in the context of assessing the likelihood of a person in a population being threatened by a particular risk such as an epidemic or serious disease. However, it is unheard of in the context of gun control - gun trafficking is usually the activity of a small number of people so the total number of people living in a state is irrelevant. The ATF look at the raw numbers regarding gun trafficking from particular states, not the number of guns per capita in those states.


According to Hillary, most guns per capita of the ones involved in crime in New York in 2014 came from Senator Sanders' state of Vermont. What Hillary does not mention is that JUST ONE PERCENT of crime guns in New York coming from out of state were traced to Vermont (i.e. fifty five guns out of 4585 total crime guns). This number is so small that it could be explained by the activity of only one or two people trafficking guns. Ironically, most crime guns being trafficked into New York came from southern states. As we now know, those states have tended to be kinder to Hillary than to Bernie, as far as voting in primaries is concerned. 


In a list of source states from which guns were trafficked in 2014, Vermont ranked 49th behind Hawaii in terms of raw data (actual guns trafficked).


Read the full report by The Washington Post on Hillary's disingenuous attack on Bernie here: