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Ten lies/disingenuous claims of Hillary:

- she claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary (of Mount Everest fame) when she was born in 1947 and Sir Edmund ascended Everest in 1953 (see "The case against Hillary Clinton" by renowned writer and journalist Christopher Hitchens, in the 'Election 2016' area of this site).

 - she claimed to be under sniper-fire on a trip to Bosnia as First Lady in 1996 when she obviously was not (as the news crew accompanying her documented).

 - she made claims about her aspirations for increasing the minimum wage in Haiti, whilst private e-mails showed that she intended the opposite (See the YouTube video on the homepage slider of this site, regarding the Bernie or Bust movement.)

- she lied about her involvement in the military coup in Honduras, ousting a democratically elected president (Manuel Zelaya).

- she lied about her husband's sex scandals (ruining the lives of the women Bill had sex with including the young Monica Lewinsky)

- her recent claim that "I have always tried to tell the truth" is a lie, since she would have to be clinically insane to sincerely believe that, and she is not insane

- she lied/was disingenuous about the claim that most crime guns coming into New York State in 2014 came from Vermont (Bernie's state). Actually Vermont ranked 49th behind Hawaii in term of most guns trafficked.

- she lied/was disingenuous about her claims regarding Bernie and the auto-bailout in Detroit Michigan (see "Hillary and the auto-bailout" in the 'Election 2016' area of this site).

- she lied/was disingenuous about her position regarding extending Social Security and Medicare (in 2008), suggesting that people who earn more than $97,000 per year (paying 100 % pay-roll tax) are middle-class when only 6% of Americans in 2008 were in that category. This strongly suggests that she was not concerned with the plight of the middle-class, even in 2008!

- she lied about her position on health care in 2016, claiming she wants to build on the ideals of Obama when Obama ran in 2008 supporting universal health care, of the sort that Bernie has advocated in 2016 (which Hillary now opposes).