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Many will agree that Hillary and Trump are both inveterate liars. On a consequentialist view of ethics, being a liar is morally required if lying produces the best consequences (either for me personally on ethical egoism, or for everyone on utilitarianism) out of the available alternatives. Maybe Hillary and Trump are consequentialists - this would explain why they have no qualms about lying.


We are now asked to choose between these two liars, since we are told by the corporate media (controlled by the corporate oligarchy whose future existence is virtually guaranteed by a two-party system) that one of those liars will more than likely be the next president (the system is rigged like that) rather than a third-party candidate. 

So the question becomes - which liar should I pick? Can I even decide who to pick since I know they are both liars, and probably won't do what they say they'll do for me (or issues I care about)? Choosing between liars, I might as well flip a coin in making my decision.

So maybe I should just reject this bull-shit choice between liars, and vote for a third-party candidate who I do not believe to be a liar? The corporate establishment media is telling me not to do that, since voting for a third-party candidate will risk the other liar getting elected rather than the media's preferred liar. However, since I know that the establishment media just lie on behalf of their preferred liar, I can safely ignore their fear-mongering since it is just more lies.


I think I've decided what to do - I'm going to vote for a third party candidate. That candidate may or may not become president (which would be the case even if I voted for one of the two liars) but at least I won't be voting for someone who I believe to be a liar. My moral integrity is intact, unlike the integrity of the two main candidates towards whom the show-biz pseudo-objective puppets in the corporate establishment media are attempting to sheep-dog me.