What's going on? Initial thoughts:


- The corporate media (MSNBC, CNN) owned by Comcast and Time Warner etc. (donors for Hillary) are putting out propaganda for Hillary. The air time for Trump is just for ratings.

- The corporate media is refusing to cover any news story that would shed the political establishment in a bad light - e.g. regarding the utter failure of Hillary (despite her campaign promises) to stand up for the rights of Native Americans including those of Standing Rock Sioux, and their battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline which would devastate their water (having already wrecked their ancient burial grounds). 

- No coverage whatsoever is given to the immorality of the Commission for Presidential Debates imposing a fraud on American voters, by excluding from the debates any third party candidates despite the fact that they are on enough ballots nationally to win the election.

- Is this China? Is this Russia? What country do we live in?