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It's your loss, bullet-point


So, big surprise. Hillary lost. Why?


- not because of third party voters contrary to Rachel Maddow. Most of those voted for Gary Johnson, who took votes from Trump not Hillary. Jill Stein votes if added to Hillary in key states would have made no difference.

- anyway, politicians are not entitled to your vote based on the fact that someone else on the ballot is portrayed as (and maybe is) worse than them. You are free to vote for anyone, and politicians have to earn your vote. 

- not because of a faction of racist Trump voters. Majority of Trump votes came from those who are against trade deals that Bernie was also against, especially the TPP. 

- overall, Hillary was a very uninspiring candidate for people who were/are concerned about the economy, the environment and foreign policy.

- not because of media bias against her! The pro-Hillary media built Trump up with massive ratings-generating free air time, thinking that he would not win the Republican primaries. When he did win, they tried to discredit him but it was too late by that point despite their smear attacks.

- not because of Wiki-Leaks. As far as the primaries were concerned, the leaked e-mails proved what we all (including Trump) knew already i.e. that the DNC and media were anti-Bernie. As far as Hillary's prior career in politics is concerned, Bernie supporters did not need leaked e-mails to know about Hillary's disingenuousness and corruption. 



- she lost because:


- she had no positive message for the electorate. She put too much emphasis on the facts that she is a woman and that she is not Donald Trump.

- she decided that federal rules did not apply to her in using a private e-mail server/providing a record of those e-mails/ deleting (permanently) more than 30,000 such e-mails AFTER being subpoenaed to produce them. FBI director Comey's decision to tell Congress of his decision to re-open the investigation into Hillary's private e-mail server a little more than a week before the election was certainly politically damaging to Hillary's campaign, but it would be absurd to claim that the fact that the FBI were doing their job and revealed this to Congress is something that Hillary can complain about.

- she included free college tuition in her (non-binding) platform as a patronizing attempt to court young votes to make it look as if Bernie had pushed her left, whilst picking pro-TPP conservative Tim Kaine for VP, almost entirely ignoring protests at the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), courting the votes of Republicans after STEALING the primary nomination in cahoots with the mainstream media (big sponsors to her campaign) and giving a luke-warm rebuke of Wall Street whilst taking hundreds of thousands of dollars for private speeches to them (which leaks later revealed to advocate a dishonest public and private position on policy).

- of her lies and disingenuousness throughout her career and during the primaries (see the other relevant op ed pieces on People were skeptical about her vague claims about e.g. "building bridges". She provided empty rhetoric, claiming she had put forward "detailed proposals" despite never talking about them. 

- of her endorsement by President Obama (and also Michelle Obama) which was seen by many as phony given Hillary's vitriolic 2008 campaign election when both Hillary and Trump were involved in the racist Obama birther issue. 

- of the endorsement by celebrity musicians such as Katy Perry, Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi etc. which was seen as phony. Such endorsement and performances (e.g. at the DNC conference in Philadelphia, and the night prior to the election in the area beside Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell) were viewed by many as the only way Hillary could fool people into thinking she was an inspiring candidate. (Compare Bernie being able to pack football stadiums, Mick Jagger style, with supporters inspired just by his policies). Trump's reply to Hillary in Philly was that he didn't need a guitar or piano, vocalizing explicitly what Bernie had implicitly shown.

- Obamacare premiums are set to rise by around 25% on average in 2017, when many are struggling to pay their current 2016 premiums. Remember, Obama in his 2008 campaign wanted universal health care like Bernie did in 2016.

- Hillary is a war-hawk, endorsed by Henry Kissinger who is seen by many as a war-criminal. Hillary has advocated a no-fly zone in Syria requiring boots on the ground and possible confrontation with nuclear-power Russia

- Hillary is basically a republican (who dressed up as a Democrat for Halloween - thanks to Jimmy Dore for this joke!)

- was disingenuous or lied during primaries (regarding Vermont guns coming into New York, Michigan auto bailout etc. - see other relevant op ed pieces on

- Hillary was involved in supporting a military coup in Honduras, deporting children back to that country, lowering the minimum wage in Haiti despite claiming that she wanted to increase it from the already scandalously low amount it was previously at.

- Hillary was perceived as lying to congress and to the American people regarding her involvement with classified material on a private e-mail server

- Hillary has been perceived as massively untrustworthy and dishonest. See other relevant op ed pieces at e.g. her claim about being under sniper-fire in Bosnia, being named Hillary after Sir Edmund Hillary etc.

- of the legacy of her husband who wanted to privatize Medicare, his actions regarding welfare reform, prison privatization, crime bill etc.

- of her husband's deregulation of the media such that only six companies control all media in the USA (as opposed to 50 before).

- of her role in discrediting the women that Bill had sex with e.g. Monica Lewinsky.