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SNL's undoubtedly very talented Kate McKinnon performed a part of Leonard Cohen's beautiful song "Hallelujah" for the opening of Saturday Night Live on October 12, 2016. Leonard Cohen had sadly died earlier in the week (shortly after Trump won the presidential election). 

At the end of her performance, McKinnon (who had portrayed Clinton in various pro-Hillary propaganda pieces on SNL leading up to the election) turns to camera and enigmatically says: "I'm not giving up, and neither should you".

In the view of, SNL's editorial decision to allow (or request) Hillary-impersonator McKinnon to open the show with this pro-Hillary fragment of Cohen's song was one of the most disgraceful and cynical pieces of propaganda put out by Comcast during this entire election cycle, spanning well over a year. NBC is owned by Comcast which has been one of Hillary's largest donors during the election. Comcast also owns political channel MSNBC, and tells conservative pundits like Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes what their overall (pro-corporate Democrat, anti-progressive) agenda will be. 

Comcast made the disgusting decision to use the topical death of Leonard Cohen as a means to a political end, in a ridiculous attempt to portray Saint Hillary as a beacon of light fighting for the right and the good (whilst simultaneously deflecting attention away from the fact that she had lost the election despite their best efforts to promote her). You know - Saint Hillary of promoting the military coup in Honduras, and sending children refugees back to that country? The Saint Hillary of Haiti? The Saint Hillary of voting for Iraq (having been duped by George Bush)? The Saint Hillary of the working class? The Saint Hillary of Goldman Sachs? The Saint Hillary of providing arms to Saudi Arabia, who provide them in turn to terrorists? The Saint Hillary of super-predators? The Saint Hillary of regime-change war?

Now, post-election, the strategy of the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate overlords is to disparage the progressive wing of the Democratic Party as much as possible. Rhode scholar Rachel Maddow has cast aspersions on those who voted third party in the election, despite the demonstrable fact that those votes did not help Trump since most were for Gary Johnson who took votes from Trump not Hillary.



Relatedly, Hayes has provided a patronizing and fallacious straw-man argument suggesting that those who listened to online alternative media news are partly responsible for Hillary's defeat.


No. Whilst some bogus online sites exist, there are many online news outlets that are much more objective than their corporate counter-parts. Some to look at are Democracy Now, Counterpunch, The Intercept, The Humanist Report, etc. More satirical sites include Redacted Tonight and The Jimmy Dore Show. Ironically, the reason people turned to such online broadcasts was because they were aware that the corporate media was propaganda for Hillary.


Lastly, we hear nothing in the mainstream news about how Hillary's campaign payed online trolls to counteract pro-Bernie comments in the editorial sections of newspapers across the USA during the primaries, nothing about how the DNC colluded with the media to sabotage Bernie's campaign, and nothing currently regarding the protests about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Rachel? Chris? Your response . .