The state of play, April 2019: 19 candidates have officially declared their candidacy for the Democrat nominee for President 2020. A similar number of Republican candidates vied for the GOP nominee in 2016, as if this number of candidates in either party is normal. It isn’t. What’s going on? Whilst the main stream media portray this amount of choice as good for democracy, the opposite is true. Most of these candidates (Dem or GOP) are there to subvert genuine democracy as far as citizens being able to vote for genuine alternatives is concerned. Since third party candidates were barred from being on a televised debate stage, there is only a corporate duopoly available to vote for. Dem or GOP, there’s not much difference as far as foreign war and domestic economic policy is concerned. What both main parties (the corporate duopoly) are scared of is the progressive movement and people like Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and most of all Bernie Sanders.

Why are there so many democrat candidates for their party’s presidential candidate for 2020? The obvious answer is that this helps the main stream media (MSM) to continue the DNC’s long-standing policy of thwarting any genuinely progressive candidate from gaining the nomination. With so many of these candidates spuriously claiming to be progressive by paying lip service to Bernie’s 2016 agenda (not to mention Jill Stein’s Green New Deal idea in 2016 which no-one in MSM gives her credit for) the MSM can build up these corporate non-progressives to make it seem to you that they are a younger more electable Bernie. This serves to dilute the progressive message and vote (leaving the MSM to then push for a corporate candidate e.g. Joe ‘Biden his time’ Biden like they did Trump in 2016).