Had the (little over 1000) respondents in the poll been influenced by the TV discussions on CNN which were happening whilst the poll was ongoing perhaps? Quite possibly. The poll was conducted over Easter, from Thursday 25 to Sunday 28 April. On Thursday and Good Friday, CNN had a lot of coverage of Biden’s announcing his candidacy. Furthermore Biden was portrayed as pro-union in coverage of his first campaign rally in Pittsburg on Thursday and appeared on ‘The View’ on Friday (which tends to have a middle-aged or older viewership).

What influence did the fact that Biden is Catholic have on someone’s idea for him to formally announce just before Easter, the same day that a CNN poll (done via phone by SSRS) has been arranged in advance to occur? Polls don’t just happen in an out of the blue disorganized way. What explains the co-incidence of Biden’s Easter announcement and the good CNN poll about his ratings?

I propose a deliberate two-part con by the corporate pro-Dem establishment; first, that older people (more religious, e.g. Catholic) would be watching CNN, The View etc. during the poll about Dem candidates. This was a deliberate strategy, since Biden is well known to be Catholic - statistically this tilts the scale for him as opposed to other Dem candidates during Easter weekend. Subliminally, this resurgence of Joe Biden in the media over Easter suggests that Joe is our savior, risen again to uphold the soul of America against the evil of Trump (actually, Biden and Trump are two sides of the same corporate evil coin, just like Hillary and Trump in 2016).

Secondly, the poll was skewed by excluding the views of voters under 50. For the view of a respondent in the poll to count towards the poll’s conclusions, there had to be at least 125 people in the relevant age bracket. For example, there would have to be at least 125 people in the age group of 18-35 (and 36-49) for the views of people in that age group to be reflected in the conclusion of the poll. The poll included less than 125 people in each of these younger groups, so these demographics had no effect on the conclusion of the poll. The poll was skewed, yet CNN forgot to mention this. See for example gritpost:

or status coup (Jordan Chariton):

Interestingly, Bernie’s base is diverse but people under 50 constitute a big part of it. Why were these people excluded from CNN’s poll? Why couldn’t SSRS find at least 125 people within the relevant Easter Holiday time-frame from the two demographics under 50 to answer the poll?

Also, why was Bernie excluded from the question about whether one has a favorable / unfavorable attitude to candidate x (even though many obscure Dem candidates were included in this question)?

It seems that the support that Bernie did receive in this CNN/SSRS poll came entirely from people over the age of 50 since there weren't at least 125 people in younger age groups to be statistically representative.

CNN knew all this, yet broadcast the information to the viewing public out of context anyway (as they say, ‘facts first’). They may not be as bad as Fox News, but CNN are blatant propagandists nonetheless.