A Game Of Clones

The Democratic Party’s policy to press their kill-switch on any progressive candidate in primary elections has been in effect at least since their dumping of Henry Wallace as nominee for Vice President to FDR in 1944. The most recent manifestation of their kill-switch was with Bernie in 2016, when John Podesta, Donna Brazille, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz etc. broke the DNC’s own rules and conspired to tip the scales against Bernie. They made certain that Sanders didn’t win the Democrat party nomination (despite Hillary being the most disliked Democrat party presidential candidate ever). This was prior to any question of Russian influence in the 2016 election. Whether the source of hacks into the DNC was from Russia or not, the content of the hacked e-mails showing the corruption of the DNC has never been challenged on CNN or even mentioned for that matter.

Now in 2019 ‘Queen Hillary’ (viz. the powers that be within the Democratic Party), her cohorts in the main stream corporate media (CNN, MSNBC) and her think-tanks (e.g. the ironically titled ‘Center for American Progress’ headed by staunch Hillary supporter Neera Tanden since November 2011) want to devise a less blatant way to make sure that no genuine progressive wins the Democrat nomination. Their strategy:

1. Ensure that a ridiculous number of candidates run for the nomination - flood the field (no climate change pun intended). Many in this plethora are backed by corporate lobbyists (despite the relevant candidates’ denials). Some of these people are just there for no apparent reason except to act as a media stooge (like third party libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in 2016, who the media propaganda machine equated to serious candidate Jill Stein, true mother of the Green New Deal). A small minority are true progressives and some others are ‘Bernie clones’ (i.e. people paying lip service to Bernie’s 2016 platform to a greater or lesser extent, whilst having a non-progressive political history).

2. Get media (corporate) panelists to talk favorably about Bernie clones as being younger and more electable. This dilutes and diffuses the true progressive message: the Queen’s aim is that no single candidate wins a plurality of votes in the primaries first ballot.

3. The media all the while ‘wags the dog’, i.e. shapes public opinion under the guise of reporting and analyzing campaigns and debates etc. True progressives are dismissed as extreme, Bernie clones are treated with velvet gloves generally and the DNC’s corporate establishment candidate - Joe ‘Biden his time’ Biden is carefully handled (he has vast experience, most qualified etc.)

4. When the time comes for a second ballot (between e.g. Bernie and Joe) the super-delegates step in and vote for the establishment candidate. Check-mate? Fuck that. Let’s not let 2016 happen all over again.