Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the daughter of Baptist evangelical minister and Republican politician Mike Huckabee (who ran for the Republican nomination for President in both 2008 and 2016).

Appointed by Trump in 2017 as Deputy Press Secretary (during Sean Spicer’s brief tenure as Chief Press Secretary), Sarah Huckabee voluntarily accepted a morally impossible position.

On one hand, she tacitly agreed to lie and stonewall for President Trump in responding to legitimate questions from the media. On the other hand, ever since Bill Clinton signed into law the telecommunications act in 1996, the media has been privately owned by corporations like Comcast (which owns CNN). These corporations have a political agenda - to promote politicians who will do their bidding. CNN was pro-Hillary and anti-Trump (and anti-Bernie) in 2016, so now Sarah Huckabee is in the position of having to lie to CNN in order to please her boss.

Either way, Sarah Huckabee doesn’t seem like a very moral person (unless one is an ethical egoist about morality, the consistency of which with Baptist Christianity is not immediately obvious nor is the consistency of either with a traditional view of ethics).

Please remember that the media sources below criticizing Sarah Huckabee’s lies are themselves propagandists and liars.

Propagandist and liar Joy Reid talks about Sarah Huckabee’s lies: