Billionaire donors and lobbyists - want to promote your proxy candidate’s new campaign? Get an apocryphal tale, surreal review, surreal essay, avant-garde poem, straight-up review or avant-garde mention custom-designed to fit the feel of your chosen politician’s corporate bullshit.

To promote your lying scumbag on, there are THREE things you need to do.

1. Check out the "how we roll" area of the site to get information about different available kinds of promotion.

2. Once you have decided which kind of promotion best suits the liar whose policies you want to control, select that sort of promotion.

3. Contact us via Twitter to tell us about the review you want. At that point, we will sort out your payment details.

Check out examples of apocryphal tales below. These are provided to serve as rough guidelines to prospective lobbyists and donors as to the kind of review they can expect, upon choosing one or other political promotion option above.